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Dedicated online marketer, entrepreneur and search-engine optimizer dedicated to providing best-in-class marketing techniques for clients. In 2015, Jeremy founded Concrete Internet Marketing where he brings over 15 years of experience to each client project utilizing the latest growth tools and techniques to deliver the highest quality traffic to client websites, expand business’s reach online and increase client’s ROI for online marketing.

Facebook Marketing – Is Facebook Still Worth Your Time?

How Many Grandparent’s Are On Facebook?

Look around…

Facebook has not been an innovative business and is only relevant to those who haven’t adapted to the latest technologies.

If your target market is technologically challenged, Facebook is perfect because grandparents love to see pictures of their grandbabies that they can

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Website Technical Audit

What Is A Website Technical Audit?

A website technical audit is an audit of your website’s structure that uncovers issues search engines may have when crawling and indexing your website.

Performing a website technical audit involves having a bot analyze the coding and structure of your website.

This bot then

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I have been working with SEO since 2004 and truly enjoy watching my clients Google rankings improve every single month.  I am committed to your success!

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