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Dedicated online marketer, entrepreneur and search-engine optimizer dedicated to providing best-in-class marketing techniques for clients. In 2015, Jeremy founded Concrete Internet Marketing where he brings over 15 years of experience to each client project utilizing the latest growth tools and techniques to deliver the highest quality traffic to client websites, expand business’s reach online and increase client’s ROI for online marketing.


BigCommerce is a CMS platform designed specifically for e-commerce websites, and they are the platform a few of my customers use. Over they years, BigCommerce has become a big player in the e-commerce world with roughly 30,000 live websites. However, as Google continues to push forward its mobile first index, BigCommerce may see some of


Title Tag SEO

Title tags in SEO are the holy grail to telling search engines the topic of a web page. So why then do so many websites ignore putting the time and effort into a good title tag?  It beats me!  I mean you wouldn’t publish a book without a title so why publish a web page

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C’Mon Google!

Recently I just launched this website and submitted for indexing to Google.  Naturally I wanted to check google for one of my keywords I want to rank for, “Minneapolis SEO Expert”, and what popped up in the #1 spot shocked me. Here is a screenshot of the web page that currently ranks #1 on Google

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Inspired by Pink & Purple

You may be asking yourself, why I chose pink and purple as the colors to my website. I mean pink represents compassion and love, and although I do love optimizing websites it’s far from the reason I choose pink. And purple represents royalty and luxury, I am far from royalty and luxury to me is

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Quality Content & SEO

Recently a few of my clients have came across a SEO company that claims they will deliver hundreds of blog posts on a monthly basis. In theory, this sounds simply amazing.  I mean who wouldn’t want hundreds of posts every month that are optimized for search engines and can potentially drive tons of traffic to

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About Me

I have been working with SEO since 2004 and truly enjoy watching my clients Google rankings improve every single month.  I am committed to your success!

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