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Facebook Marketing – Is Facebook Still Worth Your Time?

How Many Grandparent’s Are On Facebook?

Look around…

Facebook has not been an innovative business and is only relevant to those who haven’t adapted to the latest technologies.

If your target market is technologically challenged, Facebook is perfect because grandparents love to see pictures of their grandbabies that they can

Facebook Marketing – Is Facebook Still Worth Your Time?2022-04-19T17:32:32-06:00

Minneapolis SEO Consultant For Hire

Minneapolis SEO Expert Consulting Services

Let’s face it, SEO isn’t rocket science!

SEO is simply a process of understanding what search engines are looking for and then consistently providing them with those resources.

My SEO consulting services help you put together a process that continually delivers results and helps you

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C’Mon Google!

Recently I just launched this website and submitted for indexing to Google.  Naturally I wanted to check google for one of my keywords I want to rank for, “Minneapolis SEO Expert”, and what popped up in the #1 spot shocked me.

Here is a screenshot of the web page that currently ranks #1 on Google for

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Inspired by Pink & Purple

You may be asking yourself, why I chose pink and purple as the colors to my website.

I mean pink represents compassion and love, and although I do love optimizing websites it’s far from the reason I choose pink.

And purple represents royalty and luxury, I am far from royalty and luxury to me is a bottle

Inspired by Pink & Purple2021-11-30T18:08:33-06:00
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