How Many Grandparent’s Are On Facebook?

Look around…

Facebook has not been an innovative business and is only relevant to those who haven’t adapted to the latest technologies.

If your target market is technologically challenged, Facebook is perfect because grandparents love to see pictures of their grandbabies that they can like, comment and share with their friends.

If you’re lucky, you may be able to get the short attention span of unsuspecting parents to come across your post shared by their parents while  posting pictures of their babies for their parents to see.

So… Facebook is not dead but their users may need opticals nearby to see the screen.

This conversation came up twice today as I spoke with business owners. 

Many Business owners hear more and more chatter about Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat and The MetaVerse (which some seem to think is Facebook – but it’s much bigger than that).

So they ask me for my opinions on how best to take advantage of all these new social media platforms and technologies.

What do I recommend?

Download the apps, record some videos and play around with the platforms.  They are pretty simple to use and there are plenty of “How To” YouTube instruction videos within a simple online search.

Once you get the hang of it, get creative!

Social media, even Facebook, demands creativity that is persistent and real… and sharing other people’s content every Monday morning at 6 AM sharp on your Facebook business page doesn’t count.

No still images, no links to who knows where, just video!  Video is what works on social media and video is what is going to continue to keep working so you should stop avoiding it.

Like I told the Realtor who called me today, get on these platforms and follow other realtors to get an idea of what is working and what’s not.

Pick out some of the strategies that you think you could use by watching other creators on these new(er) social media platforms.

Now you have to put your twist on it.  Show the audience more than just your face… entertain and inform them but also let them follow you along on the journey.

This can work for both individuals building a brand or even small businesses looking to extend their brand.  But the brand can only be built within the individual or the business.  

The best social media marketing company on the planet can’t help you build your brand unless you either 1.) provide them with the content  2.) or have them show up at your office to record content for at least 2 to 3 hours twice a week.

That is why I suggest you take this task on yourself or hire a team to create, capture and share the inner workings of your business.

Allow your social media team to share what everyday life is like for you or your business while still being available for scheduled events for the team when needed.

Nothing is going to brand your business and engage your audience more than entertaining and educating them creatively in video form.

And whether or not your audience is on Facebook, you can still make Facebook feel relevant by posting on your Senior Citizens (or soon to be) business page every Monday at 6 am reminding your followers it’s Monday…. In case they forgot.