Flamin ThaiFlamin Thai is a Thai infusion restaurant located at 233 Cedar Ave in Minneapolis and they will be opening their doors for the first time come November.

I have been working on their website since the beginning of October and today I get to enjoy some of their food during our photo shoot with the fabulous Leigh Loftus.

If you love Thai food and great deals, you are going to want to head over to their website at www.flaminthai.com and click on the subscribe button that pops up.  By subscribing you will receive notification on your desktop or mobile device when they are having a special

Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  But if you forget to do all of that, don’t worry.  Their site is already ranking on Google and other major search engines so they should be easy to find.

Additionally, once we get the postcard from Google, I will begin the local SEO process so you are going to be able to find Flamin Thai on the map!

Finally, stay posted to my blog as I will be adding some of the amazing photos from Leigh Loftus and photos I take to this post.  I bet we can make your mouth water!!!