You may be asking yourself, why I chose pink and purple as the colors to my website.

I mean pink represents compassion and love, and although I do love optimizing websites it’s far from the reason I choose pink.

And purple represents royalty and luxury, I am far from royalty and luxury to me is a bottle of Dos Equis while I watch football in my man cave.

So Then Why Pink & Purple

Well it just so happened that I started building this website roughly 3 years after my daughter, Kira Nicole, passed away at the age of 9.

Pink and purple were Kira’s favorite colors and it was her passing that actually inspired me to finally leave the mortgage industry and take a dive into starting my own business.

Yes, I do miss her a lot but I also learned a lot from her passing.  Kira was always smiling even after going through numerous heart surgeries.  She played as hard as she could and tried her best to keep up with the other kids even though she had physical limitations.

Losing a child is hard but I firmly believe there is a reason for everything.  I believe the lesson I learned from Kira is that sometimes you will be at a disadvantage but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it everything you got.  Because if you give it everything got, at least at the end of the day you can still smile knowing you left nothing to question.

What Pink & Purple Means To Me

Pink and purple, to me, means determination and commitment.  That is what you get when you hire me to optimize your website.

I understand I can’t always be #1 on Google but I am determined to get there and I am committed to getting the best rankings for all of my clients.