Minneapolis SEO Expert Consulting Services

Let’s face it, SEO isn’t rocket science!

SEO is simply a process of understanding what search engines are looking for and then consistently providing them with those resources.

My SEO consulting services help you put together a process that continually delivers results and helps you grow your business.

Use what you learn to scale your business and reach your new audiences.  The opportunities are endless when you know SEO and how to use it to grow your business.

You can use what you learn to take market share away from your competition or even launch a new product.  When you understand SEO, the opportunities to scale your business are endless.  

SEO Experience

My experience with SEO goes all the way back to about 2004.  I was in the highly competitive mortgage industry and needed a way to generate leads.

In 2004, home computers had become commonplace in most homes and Google was becoming a household name.  At the time, SEO wasn’t much of a marketing strategy for many but I had decided it was a great opportunity to take advantage of.

Just for reference, below is a screenshot from the wayback machine showing my mortgage website that my wife and I build and I used to generate mortgage leads from organic traffic from Google searches in 2007.  I know the images are gone, but this gives you an idea of just how long I have been optimizing websites, this is back when keyword stuffing was popular.

Minneapolis SEO Consultant for Loan Officers

Between then and now, November 2021, SEO and I have been through a lot.  I have spent countless hours optimizing websites for various types of businesses.  

I have helped e-commerce websites explode their organic revenue and I have helped local small businesses increase their local footprint using my SEO process.

My goal as your SEO Consultant is to help you build your SEO process so you can seamlessly integrate SEO with your in house marketing team.

SEO Tools I Use

I have also spent thousands of dollars on all sorts of SEO tools… and this blog post isn’t about which one is the best…

But after all these years, I have relied on 1 SEO tool to create a process that manages the health of my websites and provides me with the information to continually reach new organic searchers.

One of my favorite tools in my SEO process is competitor comparison.  Being able to see what is influencing your competitors rankings is a game changer.  

The competitor comparison tool will help you find keywords to research that are currently generating leads and sales on their websites.

I also love the on page SEO checker that allows me to focus on optimizing individual web pages… and the built-in writing assistant that helped me write this blog post for you and the search engines.

The SEO tools are endless, but if you don’t know how to use them they are worthless.  Once you learn how all these tools can work together, you will have essentially unlocked the potential of creating endless SEO strategies.

Creating A SEO Process

Creating a SEO process will help your business stay on top of search engine results pages even as trends change.

You always hear SEO companies and agencies talk about the importance of doing keyword research , link building and creating a content marketing strategy.

This is great advice and all, but how do you determine which keywords to target, links to build and content to create?

My SEO process answers all of these questions and more.  You will learn how to identify the right keywords and then build links and create content around them to drive organic traffic to your website.

Start Your SEO Consultation Now

Are you ready to reach your business goals using my Minneapolis SEO services?  Let’s take a look at your website and see if we can put together a plan to reach more customers on organic search engines.

Request a free 30 minute consultation today and I will provide you with an actionable overview you can use today to start improving your organic rankings.