So I have been debating for some time now whether or not to launch a new website that is centered around SEO.  Needless to say I made the decision to go forward with it.

Why Did I Launch A New Website?

Well there is a few reason.  The first reason is because my current website Concrete Internet Marketing is focused on a number of different aspects related to internet marketing.  I cover topics such as pay per click advertising, social media marketing and even online reputation management.

The second reason is, I wanted to design a new website that has a different look and feel to it.  I must say I am very happy with the outcome of this website.

Finally, I realized that I needed a website focused strictly on SEO.  Afterall, I consider myself well versed in SEO and I wanted to bring these capabilities to the forefront.

What To Expect From My New Site

Well, with this site being centered around SEO, you can expect to learn more about SEO and me.

My goal is to consistently write blog post that give insider tips about proper SEO tactics.  I also plan to blog about some of the things I see and hear as I go through my daily routine interacting with other professional and clients.

I also plan to use the website as a way to grow a following and interact with you.  So let’s get things started!

In the comments below tell me about your experiences with SEO.  Tell me what you want to know, things you have heard or seen.  Tell me about your great experiences or even nightmares you have encountered with SEO.

I look forward to reading and responding to the comments.