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November 2018

Web Page Optimization

What Does A Well Optimized Web Page Look Like? A well optimized web page has the ability to attract a huge audience from search engines likes Google. If you are able to target the right keywords and deliver a powerful message you can grow your audience tenfold with just one

October 2018

Flamin Thai

Flamin Thai is a Thai infusion restaurant located at 233 Cedar Ave in Minneapolis and they will be opening their doors for the first time come November. I have been working on their website since the beginning of October and today I get to enjoy some of their food during

5 Link Building Strategies

Link building is a powerful way to increase your SEO rankings. As a matter of fact, backlinks make up 30% of Google’s ranking factors. So why don’t many businesses take advantage of the power of link building?  Well, because it is easier said than done! In this blog post, I

Guaranteed SEO Rankings

If you have done a little bit of research for a SEO company you might have came across companies offering guaranteed SEO rankings. At first, you may think, hey guaranteed SEO rankings seem like a pretty good deal.  Let me do some Google research and see what this is all


BigCommerce is a CMS platform designed specifically for e-commerce websites, and they are the platform a few of my customers use. Over they years, BigCommerce has become a big player in the e-commerce world with roughly 30,000 live websites. However, as Google continues to push forward its mobile first index,

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