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October 2018

Title Tag SEO

Title tags in SEO are the holy grail to telling search engines the topic of a web page. So why then do so many websites ignore putting the time and effort into a good title tag?  It beats me!  I mean you wouldn’t publish a book without a title so

C’Mon Google!

Recently I just launched this website and submitted for indexing to Google.  Naturally I wanted to check google for one of my keywords I want to rank for, “Minneapolis SEO Expert”, and what popped up in the #1 spot shocked me. Here is a screenshot of the web page that

Inspired by Pink & Purple

You may be asking yourself, why I chose pink and purple as the colors to my website. I mean pink represents compassion and love, and although I do love optimizing websites it’s far from the reason I choose pink. And purple represents royalty and luxury, I am far from royalty

Quality Content & SEO

Recently a few of my clients have came across a SEO company that claims they will deliver hundreds of blog posts on a monthly basis. In theory, this sounds simply amazing.  I mean who wouldn’t want hundreds of posts every month that are optimized for search engines and can potentially

About Me

I have been working with SEO since 2004 and truly enjoy watching my clients Google rankings improve every single month.  I am committed to your success!

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